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Academic Eligibility

Students applying to the Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy Msc (OT) or Physiotherapy MSc (PT) at McMaster will be required to have the following:

If you are graduating from a 4-year baccalaureate degree (120 units/credits), you require the following:

  • A minimum average of B or 75% or 3.0/4 or 8/12, calculated over the last 60 units of your university course work. (Applicants may apply in the 4th year of their degree).

In addition to the above requirements, the MSc (PT) degree requires:

  • A full or half credit in one biological or life science course with a grade of B or 75% or 3.0/4 or 8/12 or higher.
  • A full or half credit in one social science or humanities course with a grade of B or 75% or 3.0/4 or 8/12 or higher.


Academic Requirements
The minimum academic requirement for admission to either program is a four-year baccalaureate degree or equivalent with a minimum second-class standing from a recognized university.

No preference is given to applicants who have studied in any particular university program and no preference is shown to applicants with any particular level of training (i.e., undergraduate versus graduate degree). Place of residence and university where studies have been undertaken are not criteria in selection.

Supplementary Materials
All applicants to Occupational Therapy must submit a Resumé and Personal Submission Statements. In addition, two Confidential Reference Forms are considered in the assessment of applicants. Confidential Reference Forms must be from someone who holds an academic position in a postsecondary university or college, and is qualified to judge your academic ability. In some instances it may be more appropriate to obtain a professional reference; in this case, the second reference must be from someone who can judge your work performance and interpersonal skills. Neither of the Confidential Reference Forms can be submitted by relatives or friend

Method of Selection
The first cut-off is based on the cumulative converted grade point average for all years of undergraduate university study. The actual cut-off mark is based on the applicant pool, but typically students entering the Occupational Therapy program have a GPA of 75% or higher.
The second stage of the selection process involves the assessment of the candidate’s Confidential Reference Forms, Resumé and Personal Submission Statements. Instructions for completing the Personal Submission Statements Letter can be downloaded from the COMPASS.ORPAS application or from www.ouac.on.ca/orpas/ The application should demonstrate an informed career decision and the particular strengths, experiences, and abilities that the candidate would bring to the profession.
Candidates will be ranked for offers and placement on the waiting list using all assessment criteria.

U of T

To be eligible for the Occupational Therapy program at the University of Toronto in September 2011, applicants must have completed an appropriate bachelor’s degree with high academic standing from a recognized university, with a mid-B average or higher, in the final year. The final year of study is generally comprised of five full course equivalents (FCE) at the senior-level.  This is a minimum requirement only. To determine initial ranking only, the Department will review the last ten full course equivalents completed at the undergraduate level. This includes summer session and part-time undergraduate courses taken beyond the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Please note, the admissions average of the entry class each year is generally A- based on the last 10 FCE. The admission selection process is highly competitive with only a limited number of applicants offered admission each year.  Students applying to the Occupational Therapy program while in the final year of a bachelor’s degree program must provide evidence of degree conferral prior to enrolment (if offered admission) in the MScOT program by June 30, 2011.

Western UWO

Students with a GPA 3.5 – 3.7 (as calculated by ORPAS), or better, would normally be considered competitive applicants for the program.

Calculation of Admission Average

A calculation will be done based upon an applicant’s final 60 units of university academic study (the equivalent of ten full courses or 20 half-courses) completed December 31st of the application year, and will include summer, part-time, intersession, correspondence and failed university courses taken beyond the four-year undergraduate year. For applicants currently enrolled in the fourth year of a baccalaureate program, this calculation will start with the applicant’s final fall grades (completed December 31) and will move back in chronological order based on the order of courses listed on the transcript.


Admission to the MSc(OT) program requires the completion of a four-year Bachelor’s degree in any field of study at a recognized academic institution, with a minimum B average (73-76%), calculated on the last 20 half credits of the degree.

Two prerequisite courses are required:


  • Six (6) credit hours in human physiology. The 6 credit hour human physiology prerequisite course should contain study of the following system content:  cell, endocrine, neural, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and gastrointestinal.
  • Three (3) credit hours in human/vertebrate anatomy. The 3 credit hour human anatomy prerequisite course should enable the student to explain and describe, at a basic level, the gross anatomy and histology of the human body. Content topics of the course should include study of the following: development, cells, tissues, skeletal, muscular, integument, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, renal, and reproductive systems.

Students are recommended to ensure that their transcript and/or life experience includes a background in social sciences and statistics.

Admission to the program will normally be 54 – 60 students. Admission is on a competitive basis with preference given to residents of the Atlantic Provinces. The provincial quota system currently allocates 35 seats as follows:  nine positions to New Brunswick, eight to Newfoundland and Labrador, 16 positions to Nova Scotia, and two positions to Prince Edward Island. Remaining seats are non-designated. Selection is based on completion of prerequisites, academic achievement, personal suitability for occupational therapy, and affirmative actio


2) Academic standing of a minimum B+ (76%) average in senior level courses (300 and 400 level) at the time of the application deadline

3) Successful completion of the following pre-requisites, which will form a minimal foundation upon which to base your occupational therapy studies.  The pre-requisite courses can be in progress at the time of the application deadline but must be completed by April of the application year.  Students with pre-requisite courses in progress during the May-August semeser cannot apply for the September 2011 intake.

  • Human Anatomy (3 credits) with a focus on gross human anatomy of the upper and lower limbs and trunk*
  • Social Sciences (3 credits) (ex. Sociology, Anthropology, Human Geography)
  • Behavioural Sciences (3 credits) (ex. Psychology, Learning & Cognition, Brain & Behaviour)

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